Schlegel Bicycles

900 N Broadway Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
(405) 232-4040

Description: Schlegel Bicycles is known for our friendly customer service, extensive product lines and superb mechanical support. In our store you will find bicycles from all disciplines of cycling, including road, mountain, cyclocross, triathlon, recreational, bmx, family and kids. We collaborate with many local bicycle organizations and clubs to support bike events and clinics. We also work with and support local organizations that maintain, improve and create the Oklahoma City trails, the Oklahoma mountain bike trails, and downtown Oklahoma City bikeability. At our campus, you'll find two shops. Schlegel Bicycles Mutlisport & Pro is located at 900 N Broadway. This shop caters to the enthusiasts, triathletes, those wanting to push the limit. Across the street at 905 N Broadway is Schlegel Bicycles Family & Recreation. This shop has a laid back atmosphere, perfect for browsing with the family. This is your spot for kids bikes, cruisers and recreational riding. You will find everything you need and more at Schlegel Bicycles. Multisport & Pro Shop 900 N Broadway Ave Family & Recreation Shop 905 N Broadway Ave

Hours: Monday - Saturday
10am - 6pm